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Dee landed in Hamburg in 1984 after the breakup of his British pop/rock band Dizzy Heights, with whom he fronted and made three indie albums.
And over the years he’s been involved in countless productions as writer/producer & session singer. In 84 He was touring Europe with a Munich based outfit, who after his arrival went onto become a big success on the German club scene. His charismatic panache seemed to have a pull of its own with both sexes, until he himself not only fell in love with Hamburg, he fell deep for his future wife to be Andrea at one of his gigs. Dee & Andrea married in 1994 and have two young boys.

Dee recalls his burning desire to be up on stage:
“As a young boy I was surrounded by music, my uncle Phil would treat us to the new records of the day, and I was obsessed, listening to the music time and time again.
My dad used to sing and play the piano and accompany my mom performing in the local clubs. There was always a piano in our home and my dad was always on it. My Welsh Grandfather was choir conductor and composer, and my Auntie Verina had a gorgeous voice and was awarded many Welsh Musical accolades. With all this inspiration around me there was only one road to take. As a teenager all I really want to do was write songs and be under the spot light, this dream I’ve lived in abundance. Pop music has been a massive part of my DNA in every sense, and I’ve been blessed to able to share it with some incredible friends along the way”.  

“But my start in Hamburg wasn’t without the odd hurdle; life was pretty tough going as the new “Brummie” in town. The Munich band was infested with personal ego wars and I just had to get out of it. But I was thankful for the ride, as destiny took me to the excitement of Hamburg, and as I jumped out of the tour bus, I knew this incredible city was the place for me. I was totally hooked. The Munich band split up, so I took the gamble and threw caution to the northern winds and that one way ticket from Bavaria put me on the train. My pockets were empty but my heart was full of dreams. Those dreams have kept me warm ever since”.

Without a band for a while:
“I was lucky to get a job as a DJ, which paid the rent and enabled me to carry on writing and make new contacts in the Hamburg studio scene. One night as I was Dee-Jaying on the Reeperbahn, a club waiter approached me and said “Hey I heard you’re a singer, I’m in the business too, I’ve got a session tomorrow, do you want to come and do some backing vocals?” “This invitation is what one could call another drop of destiny, because this waiter guy went onto sell millions as a recorded producer some years later. But on his way to the top he managed to unlock a few doors for yours truly. His name along with a few other milestone characters will be revealed in my Kindle auto biography “From a Dizzy Height” due out for Christmas 2014”. 

Dee and the waiter hit it off:
“We became friends wrote some material and made a few demos which we took to Warner/Chappell Music, they weren’t too hot on the songs, but the A&R guy liked my voice and put me together with an East German producer, a meeting that spawned my first record deal with Peer Music & PolyGram, which dribbled into obscurity, until I was approached to front a ten piece vocal act with CBS/Sony Music”.

Dee was now up & running; Major TV shows and massive touring followed, but due to internal wrangles with the two producers, and one of them trying to run off with all the profits, that slowly crashed and burnt too. “Unfortunately, because of the contract I was wrapped up in, I was legally inactive for some time”.
But this didn’t stop the work from behind the spotlights. Dee started to add some important numbers to his phone book and began working as a session singer for adverts & jingles and numerous other productions. And his long working relationship with Peer Music Publishers began to shake some trees.
The voice of Multi-Million selling Baccara (Sorry I’m a lady & Yes I can Boogie) “Mayte Mateo’s” and Dutch 80s Star “Taco” who’d topped the US charts, were two artists Dees songs were to be covered by. For the time being this put a few logs on the fire. Dee continued to work the clubs as a DJ. Fronted various bands and studio projects, and behind the scenes his songs started to pick up more attention at Peer Music and three albums for the South American, European & Asian markets were released. The sales and further connections kept Dee busy for some time to come.
But; As one corner is turned and each record is released people and fashion come and go. Dee was back on the road and a chance meeting with guitarist Jochim Scheel at one of Dee’s gigs brought the songwriter and the composer together. For the last two years they’ve crafted their musical gems, and together with keyboard virtuoso Thomas Jobmann and co-writer/producer/engineer Geoff Peacey they make up the tight and creative team behind the album. Dee’s love of funky horns, has taken on board the mega talents of “The Hurricane Horns” a top Hamburger brass section. The guys will be featured on the reggae & groove numbers, and Dee’s tribute to the days he spent treading the Birmingham dance floors & Clubs of the UK “Dee Town” Is aimed at one thing, to get you on your feet. “It’s a fantasy song, and is the place I always go to in my mind, when I’m feeling the need to celebrate the groove, and get me back on track, when things are a bit tough and stressful”.

Video news
During the summer of 2013 A chance meeting with German film maker Kalle Koerner from Slice productions enabled the last piece of the jigsaw to be completed. “Kalle is a top guy, and a bundle of fun to work with. I’m extremely fortunate to be able to work with a top video director. “For you” the docu-video will hit You Tube ASAP”

Dee is fired up with the whole package; the songs are like each day of my life compressed into 17 passionate highlights. “It’s everything I am and all that’s influenced me during my colorful journey from the other side of the blue, to the door of the world, here in Hamburg”. “I simply can’t wait to tour & promote the album”. Preparations and venues are currently being secured folks.
Watch this space!

Dee Arthur James is on the move.

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