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Has never been so animated about a project as his current album production. The much travelled Hamburg based British Singer Songwriter is thrilled to announce the scheduled summer release of "Dee Arthur James".
The planned 17 track deluxe edition is a musical canvas of his journey from Birmingham to Hamburg, and all the road works and bridges in between. It touches passionate themes of love and life, shaped on keyboard orientated foundations and edgy melodic guitar grooves. The songs range from melancholic searching ballads, to his affection with reggae and R&B grooves and no nonsense driving pop/rock vibes.
Each arrangement has been carefully hewed, and incorporates the use of his empathy with “Eagles/ELO/Bee Gees like” harmony vocals.


For You Deluxe Edition 4 track EP release date 21.02.14 includes
1: “For You” Radio edit
2: “The Olympic dream” 2014 winter games edit
3: “Falling in blind”
4: “Homemead Grove” Dees stunning classical instrumental tribute to the memory his beloved parents.

Forthcoming releases:

Don’t break away from love
A straight down the road power pop, guitar driven number highlighted by stabbing horns, and a great hook.

Dee’s beguiling tribute to the village where we grew up as a young boy. Rubery is 9 miles south of Birmingham, where he spent ten unforgettable years living @ Homemead Grove.
“We grew up poor, but we were surrounded by so much love. Those days were simply magical I can remember it all as if it was only yesterday”. Rubery is great pop stomp bedded down by some tasty guitar licks from Jochim Scheel and takes off into a massive choral chant.

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Falling in Blind - (listen here)

For You - (click here)

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